Daniela Kohlmey



Austrian Inked Model

... art of diversity ...




I'm going to tell you something about myself.

I was born in 1983 in October in a small town in Lower Austria. I was the third born girl of my hard working parents.

I went the usual primary school route. After that I tried different jobs. A friend at the time did the apprenticeship as a photographer. To support her I was her model. So I realized that I really like being in front of the camera to present myself. My goal was to complete an apprenticeship as Make-up Artist. After I had saved enough money I completed the diploma course. As a self-employed entrepremary I worked in the years that followed as a Make-up Artist for theatres, photographers and artist agencies.

I have attended several dance classes and done trainings (Styles: Street, HipHop, Raggae, Ragga, Modern, Ballet, Pole) because dance is an important part of my life. 

I also worked as a model for acquaintances at presentations of the new clothing collection. This has always give me joy and well-being.

Misfortunes in my life meant, that I only worked as a past-time Make-up Artist. I startet a job in a mental health care facility. My fullfillment I saw in this task and I trained as a nurse. 

After the Covid19 lockdown, I was on the verge of burnout.

After that, I started working as a security agent for concerts and events. Later I was also responsible for the VIP area. I now continue to do this on a minor basis.

My empathy and understanding of mentally ill people brought me back into the nursing profession. Since 2023 I have been working again full-time in the psychiatric mobile service.

Part-time I do photo shootings for photographers, musicians and Bands.

The shootings are fun, I feel very comfortable and I can implement my ideas. I slip into a role in front of the camera and I can forget everything around me. This give me a wonderful feeling.


I'm not the usual beauty-model.

My photos should not only contain beauty, naturalness and cheerfulness. They are meant to reflect pride, courage, strength, pain, fear and suffering.


And Yesssss, my boobs are 100% silicone!

I thank to my surgeon 🙏


One of my greatest passion in my life is music.

I have a lot of friends who are musicians. And I really like to support bands and musicians all over the world.

For music bands I offer merchandise photo shootings for advertising purposes, photographs with the band members, for poster, & flyers, for CD and record covers and and I offer dance performances in Music Clips.

I'm seld-confident, goal oriented and I'm always willing to try new things.


Always present topics such as animal cruelty and violence against women shape my fantasies, which I would like to work out in shootings.

Activities and nature, drawing, hearing musik, go to concerts subject to my hobbies. I do cardio and strenght training to hava a good balance in my life.


As a model, I consciously use body, facial expressions and gestures.

Learning a foreign language is necessary, fluent English can be expected from me.

The soft skills include targeted posing, learning choreographies, a confident appearance, posture and body control.

In addition, my model work requires patience, perseverance, physical and mental resilience, discipline, good comprehension, teamwork, sociability and the willingness to follow instructions.



What I want to give people to take with them: 


Be brave and strong, always be yourself!

Live your life as you please!

Respect every living being!



Don't hesitate to contact me!