Austrian Inked model 






I appreciate and I love this kind of body art.



I'm always wearing 9 - 12 piercings on my body.




One of my favorite types of body art!!!

My right thigh front

09/23/Vienna, Ronny Tauchner 


My right thigh outside

04/2023/Vienna, Ronny Tauchner


My right lower leg

2022/Vienna, Ronny Tauchner 



2022/Vienna, Ronny Tauchner 



Minerva, Agonia, A.S. LaVey

2022/Vienna, Ronny Tauchner

A.S.La Vey....what else can I say...🖤



My left thigh on the outside.

2021/Vienna, Ronny Tauchner

From the moment of destruction we create ourself

...a part of "And I return to Nothingness"/Lorna Shore)


Red because of blood and blood signals the pain in life.

I just love the skull motifs ❤️




My right side abdomen.

2022/Vienna,  Ronny Tauchner

The crow symbolizes wisdom.




2021/Vienna, Ronny Tauchner





My left palm.

2021/Vienna, Ronny Tauchner




My left forearm.

2008/Vienna, Mona Lisa Studio




My neck, left side.

2003/Vienna, Mona Lisa Studio 

At that point, I had a recurring dream.

They were wild dreams and a dragon protected me in each of those dreams.

It took me some time to draw the dragon.

This has the meaning for me that I wear my protector on my neck.

My left upper arm, outside.

2002/Vienna, Mona Lisa Studio


My left upper arm, outside.

2001/Vienna, Mona Lisa Studio