Austrian Inked model 




For many photographers, work came to a halt at the beginning of the pandemic. Unable to physically be in the same room as their subjects, they shifted their approach, producing and taking pictures remotely. With limited ways to get new content.



Can a Virtual Photoshoot Compare to Real One?

Naturally, there are some drawbacks to having a virtual rather than real life photoshoot, but there also some great advantages. Let’s face it, the main one at the moment is that they are actually possible right now, no matter where you are in the world and what the current situation is. We can’t wait for the pandemic to be completely over before we are allowed to have fun again! And a virtual photoshoot is fun. There’s something about the security of being in your own home and not having someone standing in front of you that allows you to relax and enjoy being the centre of attention.


The photo sessions are only about 30 minutes long so they are quick and easy to fit into your day. Of course, one of the other unique things is that you are surrounded by all of your worldly possessions. White background photography definitely has its place, but a photoshoot in your own home allows the photos to say so much more about you and your personality. Carefully chosen backgrounds and simple props, such as a cup of tea or a favourite book, can add real layers to the shot. Plus, it no longer matters if your photographer lives on the other side of the world from you; they can be in your living room through the power of your phone.



Impressions of my virtual photo shootings 


SHOOTING 2024-01-06


James A. Davis/USA


SHOOTING 2023-10-27


Mateo Ruiz/Spain


Never wear fur.

SHOOTING 2023-02-02

Photographer Chad Rosner/USA


SHOOTING 2023-01-21

Photographer Jan Kovic/Vienna


...Satyra66 goes a cartoon-girl 😉


...maybe I'll be the next Jessica Rabbit 😜


SHOOTING 2023-01-14

Photographer Shoan Perkins/Scotland


SHOOTING 2023-01-03

Photographer Nela Varga/Slovakia


SHOOTING 2022-09-28

Photographer Lou Ramirez/USA


SHOOTING 2022-06-17


Matt McDawson,



Matt, was an honor for me to work with you 😘